The Democratic Republic of Sahrani (Spanish: República Democrática de Sahrani) is a socialist island nation in the Atlantic.  It consists of the main island, Sahrani, and several smaller islands including Antigua, Isla del Vida, Isla del Vassal, Isla de Libertad, and several other small islands.  It is home to over 21 thousand inhabitants mostly of Spanish, English, and Moroccan ancestry.  

Democratic Republic of Sahrani República Democrática de Sahrani




Multi-Party Socialist State


April 7, 1949 from Kingdom of Sahrani


Juan Cota

Prime Minister

Diego Torres

Official Language





Sahrani Peso




Sahrani Liberation Army


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Post World War Two

Early after World War Two and most of Europe torn apart, the Socialist and Communist movement spread quickly across the world. This revolutionary fever swept across the Kingdom taking root many in the northern part of the island. Demonstrations, rebellions, and Guerrillas seemed to pop up over night. In September of 1946, a young guerrilla by the name of Ernesto Ferrero, united all the factions under one banner, communism.  They slowly drove back the Royals southward towards the city of Corazol.

Eventually, overwhelmed with strife both in the Northern and Southern part of the Island, the Royals pulled back to the Corazol Line and called forth a truce with the rebels.  On April 7th, 1949, Ernesto Ferrero and the guerrillas declared independence from the Kingdom, dividing the country in half.  The USSR quickly realized the necessity of aiding the new country, sending equipment and "advisers" to train the guerrillas and permanently create a base of operations in the Atlantic.

The Ferrero Years

Ernesto Ferrero was elected the first president of the newly created Democratic Republic of Sahrani and established the capital at the central location of Bagango, then a small farming community. His first order of business was to create the state medical hospital as well as the Government House. With the aid from the USSR, Bagango quickly flourished as the heart of the Republic, culturally and socially.

The army was also turned from a rag tag group of rebels to a semi-professional army, with a majority being reservist. Ferrero believed the army should never dominate the politics of the Republic, a very different ideal than most of the communist states. Many senior military leaders rejected the idea and conspired to remove Ferrero from power. On July 28th, 1953, Ernesto Ferrero was assassinated by a "Pro-Kingdom" merchant leading to the first hostilities of the Republic. Many believed the USSR and KGB were involved.

General José Ramón Era

General José Ramón quickly seized power and increased the size of the army with arms and weapons from the Soviet Union. Ramón waited for the opportunity to spring a war against the South which came in 1958, when a fishing boat was "destroyed" by a Sahrani Royal Navy patrol boat. The people, not knowing the incident was staged, demanded blood and Ramón responded quickly. An armored column seized the southern half of Corazol and amphibious assault overwhelmed the tiny fishing village of Gerald, thus the first Corazol War started.




Main article: Sahrani Liberation Army
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