The Sahrani Liberation Army consists of ground, sea, and air forces created on April 15th, 1949. It is a combined arms military encompassing all military operations under one banner making the brigade very efficient in planning, movement, and execution. The force consists of a reinforced brigade size element of ~6,200 personnel, plus an unknown number of reservists. All military aged men (17-65 years of age) are required to be in the reserves, but women are not required to be in the reserves. Unlike most armies, women are allowed in all roles in the military.

Sahrani Liberation Army

Sahrani Ejército de Liberación

4th Brigade Patch


14 April 1949 - Present






BG Javier Garcia


Pesadas Army Base


Battle of Corazol (1958), Fishing War of 1963, Battle of Corazol (1968),Battle of Corazol (1972),Battle of Corazol (1989)


The Sahrani Liberation Army had humble beginnings as a group of men with a cause of liberating the island of the "oppressive" monarchy. It orgainized into a rag tag army during the revolutionary days using Lee Enfields, Mausers, Mosin-Nagants, and PPsHs supplied by Moroccan arms dealers. When the cease fire was signed, most of the rebels returned to their homes, farms, and villages to return to their normal life, but a select 800 men became the foundation of the new army supplied by the USSR.

The Army size fluctuated through out the years and wars between the Kingdom and Republic. Most of their equipment is supplied by the USSR, After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the country was left to find other sources of arms supplies, and in recent years, home production of weapons has increased, with a new arms facilities in Bagango. Lately, the size of the brigade has started decreasing due to the recent economic down turn, and most of their equipment becoming outdated.


The Army is organized into three distinct branches and five defense districts. The ground forces is the largest of the branches with ~5250 active personel, followed by the air forces with ~550 active personnel, and the naval forces with ~250 personnel.  The Tres Valles Military Reserve is in charge of training all basic trainees before they are sent to on to their respective units for on the job training.

Military Command South

  • HQ: Everon Military Barracks
  • Commander: Lt. Col.
  • Responsible for Veracruz Region

Military Command Central

  • HQ: Obregan Military Base
  • Commander: Lt. Col.
  • Responsible for Senora Region

Military Command North

  • HQ : Pesadas Military Base
  • Commander: Lt. Col.
  • Responsible for Northern Territory

Military Command East

  • HQ: Pita Airfield
  • Commander: Lt. Col.
  • Responsible for Costa Rica Region


Southern Command

8th Mechanized Regiment

1st Tank Battalion
3rd Motor Infantry Battalion
81st Support Company
32nd Reserve Company
22nd Rocket Troop
1st Boat Company
501st Marine Company
502nd Marine Company
503rd Armored Marine Company
Marine School

Central Command

5th Mechanized Regiment

Republican Guard Company
3rd Tank Battalion
2nd Motor Infantry Battalion
83rd Support Company
35th Reserve Company
23rd Rocket Troop

Northern Command

1st Tank Regiment

2nd Tank Battalion
5th Mechanized Infantry Regiment
82nd Support Company
31st Mechanized Reserve Company
33rd Reserve Company
21st Rocket Troop
Infantry School
Tank School
Rocket School

Eastern Command

1st Airborne Regiment

301 Parachute Battalion
302 Parachute Battalion
303 Air Assault Battalion
304 Assault Helicopter Squadron
1st Transport Squadron
8th Attack Squadron
Basic Training
Airborne School
Air Assault School
Aviation School


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